Free Coaching via Skype


During the past few months I had Skype coaching sessions with James Bach on a regular basis. Recently, we started to reverse our roles (I was the coach and he was the tester asking for coaching). I have gained a bit of experience in coaching testers. Now, I would like to sharpen my saw and that is why I have this offer for you:


How does it work?

  • You contact me and we try to find a date and time (my Skype-ID: ilarihenrik) My status
  • We use the messaging system of Skype
  • We’ll work on what you are interested in. If there is nothing specific I will come up with something on my own
  • I will do this by the use of the socratic method. That means I will try to keep your brain busy by asking demanding questions
  • This offer is without obligation for neither part
  • As already mentioned: it only costs your time; not your money
  • You allow me to use the coaching transcript for my purposes

Here is some feedback from participants:

Thanks a lot Ilari Henrik for the session and pointers to communication model.
If that is the case then I would like to give feedback on the session.
1. Very interactive
2. showed patience
3. Very well received because I was little nervous
4. built good repo
5. Helpful
6. Encouraging
Looking forward to make a difference...

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