Farewell eBay and Good Morning House of Test


Almost three years ago I joined eBay with the goal of building up a team of world-class testers and changing how testing is performed in that company. It has been quite a ride with a lot of international travel and idea exchanges with a broad range of smart people.

I am proud to have been able to influence some fine individuals in their pursuit of becoming really good at what they are doing. I am grateful to some extraordinary talent from the context-driven testing community, who joined our team. It is hard to leave them, but — who knows — our paths might cross again in the future. I certainly hope they do.

There are two things I am most proud of:
I convinced the developers and managers of the five scrum teams in our part of the organization that having a tester embedded in their teams is a good idea. Their initial reaction was: Huh? Testers? We don't need testers! Today, their reaction is: There is no way we would do without a tester embedded in our team. I have married Agile with Context-Driven at eBay.
The other thing I am proud of:
Together with Ben Kelly we established the first and only testing education workshop we held for interested testers in San Jose and Portland. It has been a great pleasure to demonstrate critical thinking and tester games to a wider audience within eBay.

The three years at eBay have also been an intense learning experience. I have refined my views on what good testing is all about. I also learned how to navigate complex social systems. Today I feel more confident to negotiate outcomes that are mutually beneficial.

Farewell eBay, may you live long and prosper!


Good morning House of Test!

Maybe I have not achieved all my goals at eBay and I am hungry for more. Maybe all past experiences have only been a preparation for what is coming now. I am joining House of Test to build up our Switzerland branch. We are currently looking for and hiring the finest testers on the market and I can promise you this: Being part of the House of Test experience — be it as a consultant or as a customer — will be breathtakingly awesome. To quote, and slightly alter the quote, of my good friend, Ben Kelly: "We will be different, and by different, we mean better".

I am tremendously excited to be part of the most vibrant consultancy company on the planet and expand its reach to Switzerland.

Our House of Test consultants will relentlessly focus on bringing value to your organization. They will not only do that by offering their services, but also by helping your own crew to grow professionally. If we can't help you, we will not be offering our services. But if we can, you will be amazed by our determination to provide you with the most outstanding service.

Does this sound appealing to you? Are you looking for external support by one of our fine consultants? Then let's meet, drink a cup of coffee and find out how we can help you.

Find out more about us here.